Car Wraps Service in St. Charles

Posted by admin on November 15, 2014
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Wrapping a car is actually not necessary, but there are many benefits that can be received if the car is wrapped. The most significant benefit is that the real car’s base paint can be protected from little scratch due to daily use. Small dust or sand cannot damage the base paint anymore because of the wrapped layer. Another benefit which makes wrapping becomes an option is people can modify the color or design without changing the basic color thus making the color reversible. car wraps St. Charles have more than 50 special designs for any car for any purpose.

This wraps company is not only providing stock design or color, but also providing suggestion, ideas, and options for those who want to create custom wraps, yet they do not know exactly the design. They will get some guidance to create their own warps until they get what they really want. When designing, the team use specially designed computer, so that the quality will be in high resolution. It is important to avoid blurry effect because the drawings are stretched beyond the limit especially for non-vector designs. For printing, the company uses high quality materials and prints the design in high DPI. The purpose is to avoid blurry effect. For installation, it will be done by professional who will do it in careful and precise manner to make the wrap just like paint job, yet it is cheaper. The variations available in this company are matt black which will make the car look classy, glossy which will make the car stylish and sleek, or chrome which will make the car stand out the others.

In order to keep the original paint intact while the wrap replacing the paint with other special customized design, people can use this company’s service. By wrapping the car, the car will also be protected from small scratch caused by sand or dust for 3 to 5 years ahead. If people want to revert it to original paint job, they can remove it after 5 years of use since the adhesive effect will start to decrease in that period.

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