Why Direct Mail Marketing Needs to Be Part of Your 2015 Marketing Plan

Posted by admin on December 08, 2014
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Marketing is all about bringing in new customers and making new sales. The concept is pretty simple, but most businesses don’t seem to understand the best ways to market themselves. There are a few tried and true methods worth considering and the best ones are often the least expensive. One of which happens to be direct mail marketing. If you are not thinking about using this marketing method in 2015, then here are some reasons why you should.

Highly Targetable Audience
The key to effective marketing of any type if being able to target the right audience; you can target the wrong audience all day long and you the results will be extremely disappointing. If you manage to target to correct audience, then things are totally different. Kaminsky, Erich of US Data Corporation provides highly targetable direct mail lists that businesses can use to grow their client base by targeting hungry consumers who are eager to buy their products or services.

Direct Means Direct
Direct mail goes directly into the hands of every person or business on the list you purchase. If the right pitch is delivered, then you can always expect a significant return. This is quite different from other types of marketing where your advertising efforts usually go unnoticed.

Direct Mail Is Now Better Than Ever
With businesses rushing to the Internet, mailboxes are seeing less mail. This makes your marketing efforts so much easier. With less competition, it is much easier for your targeted list to see your mailing. In fact, your mailing could be the only one in the mailbox!

Easy to Measure

Most marketing efforts are difficult to measure the results. This is not the case with direct mail marketing. Results can easily be measured by financial return on the marketing investment. A simple call to action that says, “Mention this mailer for a certain percentage off,” is very easy to measure.

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