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Posted by sby on September 07, 2019

How to Identify a Good Headhunting Firm

if you require a firm to recruit staff on your behalf, you should hire a headhunter. When a headhunting firm is hired, it performs all the necessary roles that are included in the recruitment process. A headhunting firm starts with advertising the job vacancy to make it known to potential applicants. The applications that have been made within the timelines they had placed are screened and shortlisting follows. The headhunting firm responsible for recruiting staff goes through the applications sent, sets a date for interviews and then communicates to the eligible applicants. The step that succeeds notifying eligible candidates about interview dates, is the actual interview. It is possible for a headhunter to interview the shortlisted candidates several times before they finally decide on which candidate to hire. After the interviews, the best candidate is identified and is notified. The headhunter’s job ends at this point, and the company takes over. A company may opt to go the headhunting way when they have inadequate time to hire staff themselves. As a way of being objective while hiring, a company may decide to hire their staff through a recruitment company.

The charges that a headhunting firm imposes on its services should be put into consideration before hiring them. A company must ensure that they go for headhunting firm that they can afford to pay without strain. A reliable headhunting firm is one whose charges not exceed the prices that other headhunting firms are charging at that time.

it is also advisable for a company to assess the reputation of a headhunting firm. Examine the opinions of the companies that have used the services of a particular headhunting firm to decide whether their services are satisfactory or not. If the companies praise the firm, you may go ahead and hire their recruitment services. On the same note, avoid selecting a headhunting firm that is infamous among its clients because their services might not be satisfactory.

It is also very important to determine the accessibility of the headhunting firm you intend to choose. A right headhunting firm should be accessible for its clients anytime they need a job done. You may experience some limitations if you decide to hire a recruiting firm that is unavailable. Such limitations include delayed recruitment which consequently lead to reduced quality of work in your firm.

How long a recruitment company uses to get your company the best candidate for a job post is a crucial consideration that you should make. Choose a recruitment company that takes a short time to determine the most suitable candidates for a vacant position. However, it is vital to ensure that their recruitment process is objective and transparent. Avoid choosing a headhunting firm because they are fast and fail to assess whether they uphold transparency and objectivity. You may fail to land the most qualified candidate to hire if you entrust the responsibility to an untrustworthy headhunting firm.

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